Aloe and honey for hair

Aloe and honey for hair

Natural cosmetics is an effective, safe and inexpensive way to care for your hair. Using grandmother’s recipes, you can get rid of many problems, give the hair mohair a healthy shine, eliminate dandruff and fragility. Hair masks with aloe and honey are very popular.

About the usefulness of honey and aloe

Honey properties

Honey is useful both as food and cosmetics: it is a unique product. Being a natural biogenic stimulant, it is actively used to create home cosmetics. The effectiveness of honey is due to the high concentration of nutrients: it contains B vitamins, vitamin C, amylase, catalase, diastasis, iron, magnesium, molybdenum, etc.

Application of masks with honey for hair helps to cope with a number of problems.

Aloe properties

A hundred-year-old is a natural first aid kit. Aloe has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties, which makes this plant an indispensable component in the masks for hair. As a raw material for these products usually use plant juice, in rare cases – its pulp.

Among the useful components that make up the aloe, are beta-carotene, antioxidants, B and E vitamins, ascorbic acid, allantoin.

If you do not have this plant, do not be lazy to buy it to be able to make a mask with aloe for hair at home. The result will be worth the effort.

Mask action

Aloe honey and aloe juice are very useful separately, and in combination they give just an impressive result. By making regular hair masks, you will eliminate a number of problems, and the effect will be noticeable after the first application:

  • Deal with dryness. Dry hair gets enough moisture.
  • Notice the acceleration of hair growth due to the activation of blood circulation.
  • The product eliminates the problem of grease: it optimises the performance of the sebaceous glands by preventing the scalp from drying out, and provides nutrition with nutrients.
  • The use of aloe verain strengthens the hair’s roots, which reduces the risk of falling out.
  • The hair mask has a soothing effect and eliminates dandruff, itching and peeling.

As an added bonus, the curls become more silky, softer and more manageable, and their combing turns from a problem into a pleasure.

The mask is used once every 3-4 days to eliminate specific problems, and twice a month to prevent them.

How to prepare a mask: features and recommendations

Preparing a mask according to a basic recipe is very easy. You only need two components: honey and pre-prepared aloe juice.

How to choose honey

Natural honey is used to prepare the mask, without any impurities. The greatest quantity of useful components contains in linden and chestnut, but also any other product will render on hair fine action. You can buy honey in specialized shops, at fairs, in the usual market.

Honey in masks with other components needs to be in a liquid state to be evenly connected. Preheat smoked hair honey in a microwave in a water bath.

How to make a mask juice

In order to obtain aloe juice, the leaves must be prepared in advance by biological stimulation before they are squeezed out. You can also simply squeeze the aloe juice out of the aloe, but for maximum efficiency it is better to use the recipe described below.

Cut the leaves off the bottom of the stem, where they are the juiciest and fleshest. Rinse them, dry them and wrap them in thick paper or foil. Polyethylene will not work as a package – it will not let the leaves “breathe”.

It is necessary to twist the edges as tightly as possible – roll up the package as candy and hide it in the fridge for 8-12 days. During this period, the leaves produced biogenic stimulants with powerful preventive properties, so this aloe juice for hair will be the most useful.

When this period passes, check the leaves. Some of them may turn black – sort out the “defective” ones, as they are not suitable for further use. Clean the green leaves of the skin with a knife and then squeeze out the juice using clean gauze.

You can also use a meat grinder or blender. Aloe juice can be stored for a month by placing it in a clean glass jar, closing it tightly and placing it in the fridge. In this case, the juice will not lose its value, and it will suffice for the whole course of procedures.

Mask recipes

Honey and aloe masks can have different effects on hair, depending on the components added.


  1. Combine and stir up to homogeneous liquid honey (2 tbsp) and aloe juice (1 tbsp).
  2. Rub the mixture in the scalp and spread it to the tips.
  3. Wrap the hair with polyethene and towel or hat on top.
  4. The mask acts on the hair for half an hour, then rinse it off with warm water using a shampoo.

The mask is suitable for any type of hair.

Against dandruff

Moisturises the skin, eliminates dandruff, relieves itching.

  • Natural honey – 4h.l;
  • Aloe juice – 2st.l;
  • Lavender oil – 7 drops.

Connect the components and rub the resulting mixture into the root zone. Hold the mask under the polyethene and towel for half an hour, then rinse it off with shampoo. If the hair is very dry, the main ingredients can be added to the base oils (turnip, castor, olive, sea buckthorn). You can also experiment with essential oils (cloves, cinnamon, lemon, orange). However, it is necessary to know beforehand what effect each of them has.

For dry hair

Makes hair shiny, gives dull hair a healthy look, activates hair growth, eliminates dandruff.

  • liquid honey – 4 hundred litres;
  • Yolk – 1 pc;
  • Aloe juice – 2 tbsp.

Distribute the mass along the whole length, roll up the polyethene, cover with a towel. Hold the mask for up to two hours, then rinse it off. If there is a strong hair loss, add a shredded comb by passing a couple of teeth through the press.

For hair growth.

Gives the hair a shine, accelerates its growth, makes the strands stronger and shinier.

  • Cinnamon – 1 p.l;
  • Honey – 4 tbsp;
  • Aloe juice – 2 tbsp;
  • Cognac – 1 tbsp.

Apply a mask on dry strands, wrap up with polyethylene and insulate, remove the product after twenty minutes with plenty of water. It is recommended to treat dry ends with cosmetic oil for your taste.

Preparation of hair products based on honey and aloe is quite simple. Minimal effort will allow you to look stunning from any situation.


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