Blue clay for hair

Blue clay for hair

In the variety of natural products used for hair care, blue clay occupies one of the leading positions. It is natural, safe and inexpensive. It is possible to find it in a drugstore, and thus its cost is much less, than the price of cosmetic means.

What’s the use of clay

Clay is widely used in cosmetology and Trichology. Blue clay contains many useful trace elements, minerals and metals. They include silicon, silver, zinc, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, zinc, radium, titanium, sodium, etc.

Clay possesses pronounced antiseptic, adsorbing and purifying properties. Due to its warming effect, it improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the scalp and dries it.

In this regard, it is used to solve the following problems:

  • prolapse
  • brittleness, dryness and tip cross-section
  • dandruff and oily scalp
  • eczema and fungal skin diseases
  • boils, abscesses, ulcers, itching.

Also, the use of clay for hair has several advantages:

  • Protection against aggressive environmental influences.
  • Giving the curls shine, extra volume and elasticity.
  • Improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes in the scalp.
  • Elimination of itching.

Blue clay is suitable for any hair: in the case of oily hair, it normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, dry hair nourishes and moisturizes. One of the properties of clay is cleansing and exfoliation, so the mask can cause a change in hair colour.

Remember: if your hair has become stiff and dull after using clay masks, this product is not suitable for you.

How to use blue clay at home

The main application of clay is the use of hair masks, supplemented with different ingredients. But there are other options.


Prepare a means for washing hair with blue clay is simple: pour 2-3 hours of powder mineral water or any herbal decoction (suitable chamomile, nettle, oak bark, sage – depending on the type and colour of the chaff), stir to the density of sour cream. Note that it does not foam like a regular shampoo. After application, actively massage the skinhead for 3-5 minutes, then rinse the hair. To make it easier to wash the clay off your hair and comb the strands, use a balm or conditioner.

Clay rinses

Take two glasses of slightly warmed water, add a couple of tablespoons of blue clay. Rinse the clean curls with the resulting suspension, do not rinse it for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse the strands thoroughly with warm water.


Blue clay is used for hair styling. It does not weigh or glue strands, does not leave stickiness, but easily forms elastic and reliable curls. However, long hair will not be styled: they will only become obedient and soft. To buy clay for modelling it is possible in a cosmetic shop, having chosen, for example, means from a professional ruler Estel.

Means for strengthening and purification of hair

Clay and slightly warmed water (up to 30-40 degrees) are used. For medium length hair take 3-5 tablespoons of the product, for long – 5-7, for short – 1-2. Determine the amount of water by eye: the ready-made mixture should resemble a sour creamy mass. Hold the mask for half an hour under the polyethene and a warm towel, then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Hair masks with blue clay

Mask preparation rules

To maximize the effect of clay masks, follow the following rules:

  1. Prepare the mask immediately before use: this will make the effect of the clay on your hair more pronounced.
  2. Use non-metallic cookware. Mix the product with a wooden or plastic spoon.
  3. Remove the powder with warm boiled water. Inject the liquid gradually so that the mass is homogeneous.
  4. Optimal consistency – as with liquid sour cream.
  5. Place a blue clay mask on the roots of your hair. To make it lie down perfectly, moisten the hair shaft, divide it into portions and rub the mass into them.
  6. You can lubricate the tips with turnip oil. This is especially important if they are dry, split and brittle. Other cosmetic oils are also suitable.
  7. Wrap your hair in polyethene or put on a shower cap.
  8. Warm your head with a towel or knitted hat. A hairdryer can be used to warm up the hair dryer to enhance the effect.
  9. Keep the mask on your hair for 15-30 minutes.
  10. Rinse the product with warm (not hot) water or follow the instructions in the recipe.
  11. Use a balm, as the clay dries the hair.

If the hair is in a bad condition, it is recommended to apply the mask 1-2 times a week. If the procedure is necessary for the prevention, it will be enough 1-2 times a month.


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