Hair falls out?

Hair falls out?

They say 100 hairs a day are normal. Of course, it is unlikely that any of you will undertake to count them and confirm this fact. So let’s take your word for it. And what to do when the amount of hair on the comb, clothes, in the bathroom after washing your hair becomes visible. How to understand that it is no longer the norm and it is time to “beat the bell”?

There is an easy way. You can take a strand of about 15 hair and pull it harder. If there are 3 or more hairs left in your hand after that, it’s time to take action. It is easier to prevent hair loss than to fight an already progressive problem.

First of all, let’s remember the reasons for hair loss. Our hair is negatively affected by improper care, lack of vitamins, stress, hormonal factor, diet… And also seasonality and bad ecology… But let’s leave it alone. We will try to correct what we can influence. And we can influence:

A balanced diet and vitamin intake

For example, fashionable diets take away vitamins and trace elements from the body. And dull hair and lose nails become the price for a graceful figure. And to “strengthen” the hair from the inside, you need to include protein food (red meat, cottage cheese, eggs, fish), nuts, beetroot, buckwheat, coarse grind bread.

Hair requires iron-containing products. In addition to the already listed red meat, buckwheat and beetroot, iron are rich in liver, pomegranates, apples and persimmon. Hair nutrition also requires vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B9 and B12).

They are abundant in coarse grind bread (rye, buckwheat flour, bran), cereals, potatoes, spinach, seeds, yeast, nuts. In addition, especially in the off-season, it is necessary to take vitamins and dietary supplements containing zinc, selenium, magnesium, vitamins A and E.

For example, it can be complex vitamins for women (they usually already contain many of these microelements). For example, “Aevit”, by the way, is a very budget option. Group B vitamin complex can be found in brewer’s yeast. If we are talking about vitamins for hair, we can call our Russian “Pantovigar”. From foreign “Oenobiol” or “Solgar”. But keep in mind that it makes sense to take these vitamins only in courses: 4-6 months. This period is tied to the hair growth cycle. Otherwise, there will be no point.

Choosing the right cosmetics

Properly selected cosmetics can help solve a lot of problems before they occur.

The shampoo is suitable for the scalp, depending on whether it is oily, normal, dry or sensitive. And additional care in the form of conditioners, masks, serum, etc. is selected for the type of hair: natural, coloured, hair that has undergone various procedures (perm, straightening, lamination, etc.), thin, dry, hard, brittle.

Additional stimulation

Hair growth stimulation at home

Home masks

The top list of homemade products that stimulate hair growth, will not do without mustard. On the basis of dry mustard powder you can prepare an excellent warming mask. Dry mustard is well combined with different oils, cosmetic clay, dried herbs.

And depending on the combination of components, it is possible not only to prevent loss, but also to dry oily scalp, or vice versa, to moisturize and nourish dry hair.

The second on the list is the tincture of green peppers. It can be used both independently and in combination with turnip oil, yolk, hair conditioner, etc. It also has a warming effect like mustard, thus provoking the growth and strengthening of hair.

Ampoule courses

Now many brands offer ampoule courses that contain additional stimulants: placenta, extracts and extracts from plants, amino acids and vitamins. These formulations are applied directly to the roots of the hair, having a beneficial effect on the hair follicles. Ampoule course can serve as an excellent prevention of hair loss, brittleness, dryness, and solve already progressing problem.

Polipant Complex” by Dikson has not recommended itself badly. It contains a complex of B vitamins, proteins and growth factors. In addition, the convenient volume of the ampoules is 12 ml (in others it is more often found 10 ml). One ampoule with economical application (for this purpose a dispenser is attached) is enough for 2-3 times.


Basonval is a device that affects the skin with high-frequency microcurrents. This stimulates blood circulation and increases the absorption capacity of the skin. Therefore, D’Arsonval is particularly effective in combination with cosmetics and masks.

After 10-15 minutes of scalp massage with D’Arsonval, the effectiveness of masks, shampoos and other cosmetics increases several times. Also an obvious advantage of D’Arsonval is that it can be used at home.

Enchanting and instantaneous effect should not wait. Nevertheless, it is good as an additional care. For example, in combination with ampoule courses or masks.

Cosmetological methods of hair growth stimulation

But in particularly neglected cases of home care is not enough, and it is impossible to prevent falling out on your own. Heavy artillery is then used to help.

Ozone therapy

Ozone is a highly active form of oxygen. Medical ozone stimulates the growth of new hair and improves the structure of existing ones, influences lymph flow and blood flow, improves tissue respiration.

Ozone is applied through a tube, which is attached to a transparent high cap on the patient’s head. The whole procedure takes 15-20 minutes. The method is painless, relatively inexpensive and effective.


Mesotherapy is the most effective method of stimulating hair growth. It is a mini injection directly into the scalp. A single injection usually combines several components – vitamins, amino acids – that are individually selected by the doctor or cosmetologist.

Mesotherapy cocktails are produced only by professional brands and are usually not cheap. In addition, mesotherapy is a painful procedure. But its high cost and painful sensations are more than compensated by its effectiveness.

What if the hair loss progresses and nothing helps?

Sometimes it’s like we’ve tried everything, and there’s no result. Hair fell out as well as fall out. In my practice it was just like that.

It means that the reason should be looked inside. Without understanding that the body failed, all external procedures will be “poultices”. And for this purpose we will have to go to the doctor. Ideally, it should be a trichologist. He specializes in hair problems.

Most likely, you will have to take tests for trace elements, possibly hormones. Be prepared to pay the price. Of course, I will not be able to focus on the cost. Each case is individual – one, everything depends on the clinic / medical center – two, the city in which you live – three.

And what to do if you live in a small town or village or if you do not have the financial means to undergo an examination? In this case, you can go to an ordinary polyclinic and take a minimum set of tests – a general blood test, hemoglobin test, serum iron, hormone TTG, T3 and T4. Already on these analyses should appear little by little clear picture: whether everything is in order with the thyroid gland, the general condition of the body and the iron in the blood. And depending on this doctor will tell you what to do next.


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