Split hair, treatment

Split hair, treatment

There are several ways to treat hair:

Cosmetic and professional products

There are two categories of tools to help with this problem:

Against dry hair

These are shampoos, balms, conditioners, masks, sprays, serums and oils. They are needed to prevent, maintain and improve the condition of hair. The result: hair is easier to comb, shiny and soft, less tangled and broken.

Against the section.

It’s hair tip creams and oils. These products are applied after washing hair in small amounts and only to the tips. As a result, you will get soft and shiny ends, which over time will be less crossed.

Remember! Special products will not remove the split ends but can stop them from further stratifying.

Professional products are more effective than household products. The price is slightly higher, but also the result is better.

Salon treatments

For the treatment of split ends, you can contact the salon where you will be treated with professional procedures:

Mesotherapy is an injectable effect on the roots, thanks to which the hair structure is completely restored. Vitamins and nutrients are injected under the scalp to improve hair growth and strengthen the structure. The effect of mesotherapy will appear after 1-3 months, but the result will be long;

Pyrophoresis – a special product is applied to the hair, which impregnates it. After that, each strand is burned with cotton wool. With the help of fire, the ends of the hair are “sealed”, the hair becomes smooth and obedient.

Polishing – makes a natural filleting of the hair. During the procedure, each strand of hair is stretched and treated with a machine with a special nozzle. Which cuts from 2 mm to 1 cm along the length of each hair.

Cutting with hot scissors – using hot scissors, the tips are sealed, which helps them not to cross over for a while.

Biolamination and lamination of hair – carried out with the help of a special product on natural ingredients. After the procedure, the scales are smoothed out, a protective shell is created around the hair, they become denser and less broken. The result is maintained until the protective layer is washed away.

Keratin straightening is the impregnation of hair with keratin. Creatine deficiency in hair leads to hair exhaustion, a special procedure will strengthen the structure of the hair and protect it from brittleness. The result will be obtained immediately after the procedure.

The fastest way to get rid of split ends is to use a hot scissor to polish and cut them. The most effective and expensive method is keratin regeneration and mesotherapy.

Public funds

Masks and essential oils are effective against split ends that are used at home.


For splitting hair it is useful almond, coconut, peach, olive, turnip and castor, which smooth the scales and forms an additional protective layer.

Using oil is quite simple: evenly apply oil to the hair along the entire length or on the tips, wrap them in cellophane and towel. After 30-40 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo. The treatment is recommended once a week before washing your hair.


At home, first aid to the hair is masks. Their regular use strengthens the roots and structure of hairs.

Mask #1

You will need 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of honey (you can add 1-2 drops of lemon and 2-3 tablespoons of turnip or castor oil). Mix the ingredients and apply to the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head in cellophane and a towel. Wash off the mask after half an hour using a shampoo. The mask is applied once every 7-10 days before washing the hair.

Mask #2

The mask consists of three ingredients: 100 mg kefir (preferably to use kefir 3.2%), 1 hour spoonful of turnip oil or olive oil and 1 egg yolk. Distribute the mask evenly over the hair, wrap it in film and towel, wash it off after 30-40 minutes with shampoo. It is better to apply the mask on damp hair. For the prevention of the mask is used once a month, for therapeutic purposes use once a week before washing hair.

Prevention of split ends

Prevention is to prevent dryness and brittleness of hair.

How to take care of your hair

Care consists of daily procedures that will keep your hair healthy:

  1. When washing your hair, use a suitable shampoo (for your hair type).
  2. Please apply a small amount of shampoo and using it only on the scalp and roots. When flushing the foam, the water should be at room temperature.
  3. After washing, use a special conditioner to improve the hair structure and make it smooth.
  4. Do not rub your hair with a towel. Do not use high temperatures when drying hair with a hairdryer. Keep the hair dryer at least 20 cm away from the head and change its position constantly. If possible, dry your hair naturally.
  5. Comb only dry hair. Do not use a comb with metal teeth. The best brushes are soft brushes made of the natural pile. For long hair, it is best to use a scallop with wide teeth.

Minimize thermal procedures such as drying, curling and straightening. If you can’t live without painting, give preference to non-sampling paints.

Apply intensive moisturizing products several times a month. Different essential oils and masks can be used for this purpose. Once a month, trim your tips.

Stick to a healthy lifestyle

In addition to external care, it is necessary to maintain the right way of life. Try to develop a balanced diet with enough seafood, cottage cheese, nuts, fish and fruit. Remember to drink 1-2 litres of water a day and get rid of bad habits. Today, it is difficult to balance nutrition, so it is better to buy a vitamin and mineral complex.

So, if you have started to crosshair tips, do not lose heart! Try to determine the cause first.

To solve the problem, contact the salon, use home masks or make an appointment with the appropriate doctor. Learn how to properly care for your hair, stay healthy, and your curls will thank you.


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